Personal Information:

Name:Prof. Dr. Melanie Siegel
Born:13.10.1965 in Halle/Westf., Germany


1972-1976Primary school in Halle/Westf.
1976-1985Grammar school in Halle/Westf. - Abitur
1985-1986German studies, history and sociology,University of Bielefeld
1986-1991Linguistics, literature and history
1991Magister Artium in Bielefeld (Prof.Dr.D.Metzing). The title of the thesis is: "Aspekte der Generierung japanischer Wegbeschreibungen" (Aspects of generation of Japanese route descriptions).
1996Ph.D. in Linguistics in Bielefeld(Prof.Dr.D.Metzing). The title of the thesis is: "Die maschinelle Übersetzung aufgabenorientierter japanisch-deutscher Dialoge. Lösungen für Translation Mismatches." (The machine translation of task-oriented Japanese German dialogues. Solutions for translation mismatches.)
2007Habilitation in Linguistics and Computational Linguistics, Bielefeld. The title of the thesis is: " JACY - A Grammar for Annotating Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics of Written and Spoken Japanese for NLP Application Purposes."

Stays Abroad:

April 1988 -February 1989Japanese language studies at the ReitakuUniversity in Kashiwa-Shi.
August 1992 -September 1992Two months research in Japan, founded by the Japan Foundation.
July 2001 - August 2001Project work at YY Technologies, Mountain View, California.
November 2004 - December 2004Two months collaborative research at NTT,Kyoto, Japan.

Professional Career:

Since 2012Professor for Information Science at Hochschule Darmstadt
2006 - 2012Computational Linguist at Acrolinx.
2006Deputy Director Japan for the International Bureau of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research organizing research cooperation initiatives between Germany and Japan
2004 - 2006Senior researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Saarbrücken, Projects SmartWeb, "Mobile Broadband Access to the Semantic Web", MAJO, "Multiple-Purpose Applied Japanese Open-Source Grammar Project" and,ACRO-CHECK (Style checking for technical documentation).
2002 - 2004Acquisition and coordination of,the project 'DeepThought', Hybrid Deep and Shallow Methods for Knowledge-Intensive Information Extraction, Saarland University. Local Project leading (3 researchers, 5 student assistants) and international coordination (6 international partner institutions).
2001 - 2002Acquisition and coordination of the project 'JACY' (HPSG for Japanese in an automatic email response application), industrial project for YY Technologies, Mountain View, CA. DFKI Saarbrücken
2000 - 2001Senior Researcher at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Saarbrücken, Projects 'Whiteboard' (shallow and deep processing) and 'Skate' (Grammar Checking).
1997 - 2000Project 'VERBMOBIL', Japanese syntactic processing, Saarland University. Acquisition and project leading.
1995 - 1996Project 'VERBMOBIL', Japanese syntactic processing, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, Saarbrücken
1993 - 1994Project 'VERBMOBIL', pre-studies for the Japanese language processing in Bielefeld. Acquisition and project leading.
1992 - 1993Research assistant at the faculty of linguistics and literature of the University of Bielefeld(teaching)

Language Skills:

German (native), English, Japanese, French, Latin.

Invited Talks
Feb. 2000: Invited talk, Tsujii Laboratory at Tokyo University ., "Particles in an HPSG for Japanese Spoken Language".

Apr. 2000: Invited talk, CSLI , "Particles in an HPSG for Japanese Spoken Language".

Oct. 2002: Invited talk, CMU Pittsburgh, ""HPSG Processing of Japanese".

Jun. 2004: Invited talk, NTT Research, Japan, "JACY: A Japanese HPSG in a multilingual and application-oriented context" und "The "Heart of Gold" core architecture for hybrid language processing in the "DeepThought" project.

Aug. 2004: Invited talk, NTNU Trondheim: JACY and the Heart of Gold.

Nov. 2004: Invited talk, NTT research, Japan, "JACY".

Dec. 2004: Invited talk, Tokyo University, Japan, "HPSG Processing of Japanese".

Dec. 2004: Invited talk, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan, "HPSG Processing of Japanese".

Ded. 2004: Invited talk, Kobe Shoin Women's University, Japan, "Implementing the Syntax of Japanese Numeral Classifiers".

Aug. 2008: Panel "Learning updated information about European localization and the near future of European TC.", JTCA, Tokyo.

Aug. 2008: Panel "Localization for Japan", tekom Frühjahrstagung, Wiesbaden.

Sept. 2011: Invited talk, W3C days Berlin.

Feb. 2013: TC-World 2013, Bangalore, talks "Supporting the Authoring Process with Linguistic Software" and "Using Machine Translation in Technical Documentation"

Mar. 2015: Talk, "Die Implementierung japanischer Sprache in Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG) und was wir damit gemacht haben." Darmstädter Ontologenkreis.

Sept. 2015: Talk at "tekom-Regionalgruppe Hannover": "Autorentools für die technische Dokumentation".

Jul. 2016: Talk, "Regelbasierte semantische Analyse und ihre Anwendungen", Ernst-Schröder-Zentrum Darmstadt.

Nov. 2016: Talk "Automatische Erkennung von Trends Sprachtechnologische Auswertung von Twitter-Daten zu Politikerinnen und Politikern", DGI-Praxistage.

Nov. 2016: Publishing Trends of the Future –Consequences for Research Outputs and Measures of Impact. Buchmesse Frankfurt

May 2017:Talk at HAW Hamburg, "Wie gefälschte Meinungsäußerungen mittels Sentimentanalyse entlarvt werden können", Ringvorlesung "Digitale Information und Manipulation"

Jul. 2017:Keynote Speech: "Erkennung von gekauften Meinungsäußerungen in Consumer-Portalen", 7. Potsdamer i-science-Tag

Jul. 2017:Invited Talk "Multilingual terminology extraction", TermVar Workshop on terminological variation, Hildesheim
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20029th International Conference on HPSG

2003 IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing

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